Eid-UL_Adha 2020

“O you who believe, seek help through patience and prayer. Surely, Allah is with those who are patient.” (Al Quran 2 : 153)

Tomorrow’s Eid Schedule:

  • Takbir:                          8:00 am
  • Salah :                           9:00 am
  • Toy Drive Thru:          11:00 am  to 12:00 pm
  • Jummah Prayer:         1:30 pm
About Us
Annoor Islamic Center of Clemmons was established in Feb. 2004. It is an independent, non-profit organization. Membership consists of Muslims from Clemmons and surrounding areas without regard to race, ethnicity, nationality or sect.Services provided by the center include congregational five daily prayers, Ramadan Iftars & Taraweeh, Eid programs, Sunday school, MAS Quran classes, Quranic Studies Halaqa, Youth programs, Outreach & Interfaith programs and many more activities.
Men will pray inside the Masjid and women will pray inside the school building. No kids under 10 years old are allowed to come to the prayer.

  • Please come early because only limited numbers are allowed.
  • Please remember to bring your own prayer mat, masks are required as well.
  • Please try to practice social distancing for everyone’s safety.

Our Mission
The objective of Annoor Islamic Center is to focus on activities for Muslims living in the area in order for them to organize the religious, educational, and social life of their community in light of the Islamic teachings and traditions. An additional goal is to act as an information resource by providing an understanding of Islam as a faith, as a religion, and as a way of life, and by striving to create an awareness of the Islamic point of view on issues of contemporary relevance.